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Ensenada Mexico Real Estate

Ensenada Realtors is an effort to unite realtors, property owners, developers and contractors in providing and promoting the best housing product available in the county of Ensenada Baja California Mexico.

Property of the month
Fractional Owership of a home in Ensenada.

Fractional ownership Ensenada

6 weeks of usage annually and a 13% co proprietorship - all the advantages of ownership for Return On Investment
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Moving to baja or planning a trip to baja and need

A dentist, doctor, mechanic, body shop, lawyer, plumber, inexpensive hotels, great restaurants out of the tourist zone, etc. Etc.

Who can you trust for a referral?

Quali-casa (a mexicomatters seal of approval)
Service/product providers you can count on, speak English and will charge you Mexican (not gringo) prices.

We (mexicomatters) know the providers personally or our English speaking clients and friends speak highly of them.

Quali-Casa is not just another directory but a buyer approved reference service that tells you who and why they are approved by Mexicomatters. Like a “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” for Mexico.


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Baja Mexico Real Estate Services

All our efforts are focused on real estate in Ensenada and Baja California Real Estate. Here you will find a list of safe and secure investment opportunities in Baja California, Mexico.

Before we accept a property for sale, We asure the property is a safe investment.

  • Title Insurance
  • Competitive Prices
  • Due Deligence

But, Why invest in Ensenada Mexico real estate?

The real estate in Ensenada has lagged way behind the Rosarito realtors and San Felipe Mexico in the development of gated communities in baja. At last count we have only three of such baja communities. However, a new day has dawned in Ensenada real estate: A new mayor (Cesar Mancillas), whose 3 year term started this year, a new planning department and developers now anxious to satisfy the foreign home buyer. Mayor, Cesar Mancillas announced a goal of completing 10,000 Ensenada retirement housing units this year with features to satisfy the U.S. consumer.

Real estate financing in mexico for foreigners and Mexicans alike has improved greatly. In the past, Mexican real estate buyers were forced to pay cash or expensive seller financing. Since most of the major Mexican banks have been bought by foreigners, credit has loosened considerably.

Title insurance in Mexico has provided the security to motivate foreign financing in the Baja real estate market using Mexican property as collateral. Retire in Mexico and or retirement in Baja is reaching a new level of acceptance. Financing for a second Ensenada retirement home subdivisions were recently approved by Home Capital Funding of San Diego. Also accepting loan applications, for Ensenada retirement communities, are Wall Street Associates and Lender's Depot.

The Ensenada retirement home and vacation home property boom will surely accelerate given the economic forces spurring Mexican Real Estate sales and the internet allowing virtual offices to exist from anywhere. What are you waiting for? A baja beach house is affordable now and be yours before you retire in Mexico . Our advice - don't wait much longer. If Rosarito real estate is any precedent, Ensenada real estate prices will probably double in the next three to five years.

If you're interested in Baja real estate or retirement in Mexico calls us for a referral to a trusted realtor.

Baja real estate markets where we can refer you to competent real estate professionals are: Mulege, La Paz, San Juanico-Scorpion Bay, Todos Santos, San Quintin, San Felipe and Punta Chivato.

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